Prevailing Winds (in progress​/​working title)

by Adam Emanon


I am working on new songs!

In the wake of my last album (Transparency), I had written bits of pieces of new song ideas. They laid dormant on my computer for years until late in 2016 when I decided I wanted to try and finish them.

Several new songs are in the works, and I'm excited!

Some working titles (for fun):
-Scar City
-Ordinarily Militarily (aka "Circus Metal")
-The Path of Integrity
-Prevailing Winds
-Vibe of the Tribe & Dissipation of Want (both more interludes than songs)

A few others that don't even have working titles yet.


released January 1, 2017



Adam Emanon Toronto

Adam Emanon is an independent one man band from Canada. He draws influences from a wide range of music, from 8 bit video game soundtracks of the 80s, to classical, to modern rock, heavy metal and alternative music. Most of Emanon's music is instrumental, and suitable for use on soundtracks or as "productivity music". ... more

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