Skeye EP (incomplete)

by Adam Emanon



Skeye was the planned 4th and final concept EP (Acean, for rest, Subterranean, Skeye), and was to be effectively the opposite of Subterranean - much lighter/softer, airy, piano - part of the final track on Subterranean gave a bit of a taste of the idea for this EP. It has yet to be written as I don't typically write music like this regularly. I had intended to sit down and intentionally write music for this but never really did. I still hope to one day complete the idea.

Shades of the spirit of Skeye can also be heard in the softer parts of several songs on Subterranean. The question was could I intentionally write an entire EP/album's worth of soft material. In reviewing my records for this EP, I also see that I had intended to do piano only versions of some of my older songs as sort of a "bonus" second disc, a plan which I still want to do but still can't play the piano well enough.


released January 1, 2012




Adam Emanon Toronto

Emanon is an independent one person band from Toronto, Canada. They draws influences from a wide range of music, from 8 bit video game soundtracks of the 80s, to classical, to modern rock, heavy metal and alternative music. Most of Emanon's music is instrumental, and suitable for use on soundtracks or as "productivity music". ... more

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